Founded in 2008 owner Samantha’s love of aesthetics, Elite Home Staging quickly grew to be one of the premiere home staging companies in the greater Los Angeles area. By gaining a deep insight into our clients’ personal tastes, the specific area’s geographical trends, and providing superior customer service, we will always go the extra mile to ensure our clients are fully satisfied with the end result. 

This high level of customer service that we provide our clients is one of the main differentiating aspects of our business. Many home staging companies in Los Angeles will simply reuse the same furniture in every space, not catering it to the homeowner’s needs or geographical area, which results in lack-luster spaces and an underwhelming final result for the client. We will always take the time to tailor our staging to our client to exceed their expectations.

2020 Samantha Senia Cropped

Along with helping our clients, we believe our business has a unique opportunity to give back to our surrounding communities. When our pieces of furniture have a little more love shown to them than what we typically use when staging a space, we donate those items to local charitable organizations. This not only helps us stay on the cutting edge of current trends, but also allows us to have a positive impact in the Los Angeles community at the same time.

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